Zambia is a country of 12 million people. The capital city is Lusaka, where 1.4 million people live. Zambians belong to over 70 ethnic groups, most of whom speak the Bantu language. Zambia achieved independence in 1972. Its first president was Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, who quickly outlawed any political party besides his own - the United National Independence Party (UNIP). Political unrest forced him to legalize other political parties in 1990. Frederick Chiluba won the presidency but, in 1996, made a new constitution that prevented Kaunda from running for election. More recently, Edgar Lugu of the Patriotric Front was elected in 2015 & again in 2016 for the presidency. Zambia had $3.9 billion in foreign debt written off by donors and with most of the savings going towards health and education. By 2007 the country had increased its numbers of teachers by 50%.