This North African country is the most mountainous of its neighbors. It has a population of 31 million. Its capital city is Rabat, and 1.4 million people live there. 99% of the country is ethnically Arab-Berber, and Arabic is the dominant language. The primary industry is related to phosphate productions, which also accounts for the country's interest in maintaining their illegal occupation of Western Sahara, which also holds large phosphates reserves. Morocco also has a large textile industry, which expanded rapidly in the 1980s. Morocco has a constitutional monarchy that included an elected legislative assembly. The king acts as an executive president. In 1975 the country seized Western Sahara despite widespread critique. The government has seen a rise in radical groups such as the Al Sunna Wal Jamaa, which try to enforce Islamic behavior violently. The country established its first free parliamentary in 2002 and 2007. In 2011 the Arab spring pressured the king into a new constitution through the king's remains in power.